Indicative Fees

The following fees are indicative of the costs associated with some common procedures. After a specialist assessment, a full treatment plan with detailed costs can be created for your consideration. This will address all the concerns that you and we have for your mouth.

Fee in Euros


Specialist Assessment (Initial) 200
Specialist Assessment (Subsequent) 100-150
X-rays – Intraoral 30
X-rays – Panoramic (OPG) 50
CT Scans 150 – 250
Prescriptions NO CHARGE


Dental Hygienist Visit from 90

Oral Surgery

Tooth removal from 150
Wisdom tooth removal from 300
Oral Biopsy 150-250
Intravenous Sedation from 300
Implants (not including crown) from 1400
Sinus Lift from 1800


Crowns from 1200
Veneers from 1000
Bridgework (per unit) from 400