Price List

We understand that cost is a factor for everyone when undergoing specialist dental care. We insist on providing the highest quality of service to specialist level and we will always aim to provide this at a reasonable and competitive price.
As a specialist practice we do not produce a price list of individual “items of service” as we believe it can be misleading. Every patient is unique and different. We want to provide you with a professional service, which solves the problems or concerns that you have with your mouth. There are often many ways to achieve this and we will discuss all treatment options with you that can fit your budget or that can be carried out over time. Following your specialist consultation, a fully detailed treatment plan, including all costs, will be provided for you. You will never be placed under any pressure to proceed or “sold” particular treatments. Some indicative fees are provided here as a guide to the costs of some common procedures.

Tax Deductible Treatments.

Some dental treatments are tax deductible, at the lower rate of income tax. These include dental implants, veneers, crowns, bridges and the removal of impacted wisdom teeth. We will be happy to complete the necessary paperwork to facilitate this for you following a course of treatment. Further information is available here

Medical and Dental Insurance Schemes

The costs for many surgical treatments in the mouth are fully covered by Irish medical insurance companies. A full list of procedures that are covered can be found here. If you are covered by a dental insurance scheme, we will happily complete the required paperwork to facilitate your claim.

Educational Programs

We provide a number of educational programs for dentists at home and abroad. Patients are often required for the delivery and preparation of educational materials and courses especially when implants are involved. In these circumstances treatments will be provided at a discounted rate. Our own specialists will always treat patients enrolled in these programs. If you are happy to participate in one of our educational programs, please let us know at your consultation.

Free Information Visits

Our most valuable service to you is our assessment and consultation. Because of the large amount of time and planning that we put into each patient’s consultation, we cannot provide free consultations. If you are interested in knowing more about a particular treatment or problem, please contact us and we can arrange for you to attend to discuss treatments in general terms at one of our information evenings at Blackrock Clinic.