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20 07, 2014

Wisdom Tooth Removal

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What are wisdom teeth?
Wisdom teeth are the last of your teeth to develop and erupt into your mouth. In some people they are missing or remain unerupted, in others they will grow normally and never cause problems. Often there is not enough room for them and they grow in the wrong position.
Why do I […]

20 07, 2014

Lichen Planus

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What is lichen planus?
Lichen planus is a common inflammatory condition, that affects roughly two percent of the population.┬áThe precise cause of lichen planus is not known although it is likely that it occurs due to the immune system reacting abnormally against the lining of the mouth. There is no strong evidence that lichen planus […]

20 07, 2014

Dry Mouth

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What causes mouth dryness?
Dry mouth is a common complaint, which affects people more often as they grow older. Most people experience dryness of the mouth for short periods when they are anxious or dehydrated. However for some, dry mouth is a persistent problem.

The most common cause of dry mouth is medication. Many prescription medicines […]