Oral Surgery is the specialty of dentistry that is concerned with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of problems in the mouth and jaws.

The most common surgical procedure in the mouth is the removal of a tooth. Oral Surgeons are experts in the removal of wisdom teeth and teeth that your dentist may find difficult to remove. Oral Surgeons also commonly treat conditions in the mouth that cause lumps or swellings. These may need to be biopsied or removed, depending on the cause. Cysts can occur within the jaw bones and the mouth and are typically treated with surgery.

When teeth have been lost, dental implants can be used to support a new tooth or set of teeth. Oral Surgery covers the planning and placement of dental implants.

Surgery in the mouth can be carried out painlessly with local anaesthetic. However, many people are anxious about having dental treatment. Sedation is available at Blackrock Clinic Specialist Dentistry to help you feel comfortable throughout any procedures. For long procedures and for those who are very anxious, general anaesthetic is also available on site.

Oral Surgery Topics:

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Wisdom Tooth Removal

What are wisdom teeth?
Wisdom teeth are the last of your teeth to develop and […]